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Can A Relationship Be Stronger After Infidelity

Can Relationships Be Stronger After Infidelity

For the few who stay together after infidelity yes, the relationship can be stronger after infidelity. Sometimes infidelity can highlight certain differences other than infidelity itself. Chances are that before the infidelity occurred, there was some type of elephant in the room that was never addressed. There could be more than one aspect of the relationship that needed to be worked out. Once infidelity takes hold of a relationship, it will either completely smother out the love or you will both fight for the breath of life to rejuvenate the relationship, work on your differences and become a power couple. Let’s look at how a relationship can be stronger after infidelity.

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1.Power Couples

This is a term used when you notice a couple and you can feel the strength between them. A power couple can exist and be stronger after infidelity because their bond is stronger. The way they walk and talk together click. They make moves in the world that seem to just flow. This isn’t because they were always that way, more often than not it’s because they chose to love. Sometimes love is just a choice, to love or judge. To love or fear. To love or hate. A power couple has seen a lot, experienced heartache and they know what they want and what they don’t want.

For couples who decided to work out their differences, it really forces them to both look back and figure out what is different between them, begin to re-create trust and establish healthy modes of communication. The power that comes after they have gone through this process is unshakeable. They will now find that they know each other’s personalities better and understand each other’s beliefs and why they feel how they feel. The strength of this is what creates a power couple.

2.Unconditional Love

Love is a concept most couples think they understand but rarely do. Love is the feeling that happens when someone else does something for you. Unconditional love is the feeling that is ever-present, it occurs when we are focused on what can do for our partner. Relationships can be stronger after infidelity because these couples have now shifted their focus from receiving love to giving love. You may think that you love your partner unconditionally but many confuse what unconditional love really means.

Take note of how you or your partner react when one of you does not do or get what they want from the other. If there is any form of irritation, frustration, or disappointment then that is evidence that they are thinking about how they feel and not focused on how the other feels. This negative reaction would be the opposite of unconditional love. To really heal through infidelity, couples learn to focus on this type of love as a way to connect on a deep emotional level. The security and sense of well being within the relationship will have no choice but to flourish when couples begin to love unconditionally.

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3.Through Adversity Comes Opportunity

This is not to say, we should be looking for adversity to create opportunity. In fact we would call that self-sabotage. However, when adversity comes you then have the chance to let it destroy you or you can get up and fight for what you really want. Couples who have experienced cheating within the relationship and then choose to work together as a team and conquer the pain have grown together and as an individual self. Couples who stay together will be stronger after infidelity because they are now forced to do personal development.

The opportunity here lies within that deep-rooted inner work, if either of them has past unresolved trauma, the relationship cannot continue without dealing with it. The back door of couples therapy will cause each of you to work on your own “stuff” as well as the baggage you carry together. The chances of infidelity happening again within the relationship will be very low if the healing is done correctly.

4.A Clean Slate

Infidelity is not an excuse for the arguments or hurts you have both caused each other in the past. Even though infidelity would be one of the top acts of betrayal within the relationship, couples who stay together after infidelity will have to forgive each other, for everything. That’s right, everything! Its the only way to not move forward, and not still think “well that one time you did this”. If that happens, couples will not be able to work through the infidelity. This compassionate form of unconditional love will forgive in such a way you will both be left with a clean slate.

No resentment, no hate, and no judgements. You will know each other’s ins and out, and instead of using them as a manipulation tactic against each other, you will now use these ins and outs as a way to give selflessly to each other. You will both be stronger after infidelity with a clean slate.

Recovering from an affair is no easy matter , utilize the experts around you. Its a well known fact that couples who lean on therapists and councellors to help them through the process are more successful at healing the affair, allowing the couples to be stronger after infidelity.

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