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Should You Prepare for the Worst? 7 Breakup Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

Breakups are painful, which is something that many can testify. The time spent together, moments shared, and memories made only for it to end up in smoke. This is not easy to accept and move on from. It can also be hard to recognize when it is about to happen.

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The only thing worse than having someone you truly love end things with you is to not see it coming. Even though it will not be any less painful, knowing about these breakup warning signs will make the whole thing more bearable.

Arguments Become Unhealthy

breakup warning signs
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Disagreements are common in a relationship and are at times bound to draw the both of you closer. This, however, depends as not all forms of arguing in a relationship are healthy. If you and your partner are finding yourselves constantly arguing and about unnecessary things, then your relationship may not be headed in the right direction. It could be that your partner is sparking up friction to prompt a break-up.

You should also look out for unhealthy quarreling behaviors. Increased competition and aggression in fights are also not a good sign. Partners in a healthy relationship should be able to reach a compromise.

Reduced Communication

breakup warning signs

The best ingredient for a lasting relationship is open and honest communication. It gives you a chance to express your feelings, get to know each other, and even iron things out where necessary. Less communication from your partner is therefore not a good sign for your relationship. This may manifest itself in fewer calls, texts, or even in-person communication. You may also notice that some of your calls or texts are left unanswered.

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If no communication is taking place, it means that the relationship is at a standstill, and many conflicts are probably being left unresolved. This can lead you to a break-up even faster than experiencing other problems in the relationship.

A Secretive Partner

breakup warning signs

You get a feeling of warmth when your partner can confide in you. This makes you feel trusted and in connection with your partner. It also shows that your partner considers your relationship to be a safe space. It is also a great way to build and maintain intimacy with each other. Hence, if your partner starts to become secretive and selective with what they tell you, it may not mean well for your relationship.

They may start to withhold information and appear more distant. It may be as simple as them being no longer interested in sharing the important events that may have occurred during the day. This will start to form a wall between the both of you. Before you realize it, you will have drifted apart.

It could be that something is bothering them. It could also show that they are unsure of the relationship. Either way, this is a break-up warning sign.

A Lack of Effort in the Relationship

With time, you are likely to get comfortable with each other. This means that you do not have to try too hard to impress each other. Still, this does not mean that you should throw caution to the wind. You still need to ensure that you are making an effort in your relationship. This includes efforts to become the best version of yourself as well as efforts to maintain and improve your relationship and your connection with your partner.

A partner who is investing in a relationship indicates their willingness to remain in it. Hence, the contrary will signify a partner who is no longer interested in making it work. If they are no longer doing nice and thoughtful things for you, then you may be headed in the breakup direction. Finding yourself putting in all the work will only leave you frustrated, and you may eventually decide to call it quits.

Misaligned Goals and Beliefs

A relationship involves two separate people coming together. You are therefore bound to be different from your partner. Not too different, however. A line is drawn when it comes to core values and goals in a relationship. These are crucial things that define the future of the relationship and will require the both of you to be on the same page. For you to steer your relationship in the same direction, they need to line up.

It is also important to note that you are subject to change as individuals and as a couple. It is, therefore, possible to begin the relationship with similar goals and beliefs in mind, only for them to change along the way. At times, this is usually something that can be overcome. In some cases, however, it may be a sign that a breakup is on the way.

They Do Not Consider You in Their Future

If you are meant to be with your partner, you will spend the rest of your lives together. You should both get excited at the thought of what the future holds in store for you as a team. Your partner should, therefore, not shy away from discussing future plans with you. More so, you should be a part of these plans. Otherwise, what is the point if you do not share a future together?

If you notice resistance or discomfort when talk of the future comes up, it could be a sign of an impending breakup.

Less Time Spent Together

You are meant to be each other’s best friends. With such a bond, you probably want to spend every waking moment together. Isn’t this why couples eventually move in with each other? It is, therefore, unusual if your partner is not looking forward to spending time with you; even worse, if they are trying to avoid you. Not only is this hurtful, but it also proclaims doom for your relationship.

However, this is not to mean that they should not be allowed some time and space to themselves or with other people in their lives. Still, they should be able to prioritize and make time for you.


If you have a gut feeling that something is amiss in your relationship, then it probably is. It’s, however, not good to make assumptions, and you may want to share your concerns with your partner. Still, you want to be ready for the worst. It is best to be cautious of the above breakup warning signs to not be caught unaware.

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