Background Checks Exposed: 8 Shocking Truths You Need to Know

We meet different people daily: unknown people we encounter during job interviews and individuals we meet while attending a three-day conference. It’s human nature to meet new people daily. Estimates vary, but some say the average person meets 2–3 new people a day, which could amount to 80,000 people in a lifetime. Others suggest the average person encounters 40 unique faces a day, with half being familiar.

However, when you have to work with people for a longer term or want to establish a lasting relationship, background checks are very important. Whether you’re an employer looking to hire new talent, a landlord screening potential tenants, or an individual exploring a new relationship, background checks have become a crucial tool in ensuring safety and peace of mind. 

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But what exactly goes on behind the scenes of these seemingly routine checks? 

In this blog post, we’re shedding light on background checks and exposing 8 shocking truths you need to know, from what information they reveal (and what they don’t) to your rights and how to challenge inaccuracies.

background checks

1. Criminal Records:

Background checks are the perfect solution if you live in America and want to hire the ideal candidate for your job opening but are unsure if they are trustworthy. With just a few clicks, you can reveal the applicant’s criminal history, helping you make a more informed hiring decision.

 According to a report, nearly one-third of the adult working-age population has a criminal record. You will be surprised to know that Nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males are arrested by the age 23. 

Whether you are hiring a new employee for your company, starting to date someone you met online, or leasing your property to a new couple who moved from a different state, checking the person’s criminal record can help you make an informed decision for the future.

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Following are the advantages of a Criminal Background Check

  • Understanding someone’s criminal background can influence decisions and strategies in legal proceedings.
  • Knowing a person’s criminal history can provide peace of mind and help individuals make safer choices about who they allow into their lives.
  • Knowing if an applicant has a criminal record can prevent property damage and disturbances and ensure the safety of other tenants.
  • It helps landlords make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with renting to individuals with a problematic history.
  • Knowing an applicant’s criminal history is crucial for maintaining safety and security in positions involving sensitive information or interacting with vulnerable populations.
background checks

2. Personal Lifestyle and Habits:

When understanding someone’s habits and lifestyle, a background check can reveal much more than just their criminal record or employment history. It can provide a window into their daily behaviors, preferences, and potential risks that may not be immediately apparent. 

An article published by the National Council on Problem Gambling mentioned that 2.5 million U.S. adults have severe gambling problems. Running a complete background check on someone can help you determine if they are compatible for running a business with you or for spending the rest of your life together.

Here’s how a simple background check can uncover important details about someone’s personal habits and lifestyle.

  • Background checks often include arrest records, which can reveal past arrests related to substance abuse.
  • Court records can provide details on convictions and sentences related to substance abuse. This includes mandatory rehab programs or probation conditions that signal ongoing issues.
  • Frequent job changes or gaps in employment can sometimes hint at underlying substance abuse problems.
  • Background checks that include a review of credit reports can reveal significant financial issues, such as large debts or frequent cash advances, which may suggest a gambling problem.
  • Records of bankruptcy filings can highlight financial distress often associated with gambling. Multiple filings or large amounts of debt written off can be indicative of habitual gambling.
Background Checks

3. Alias and Name Variations

Background checks are useful for revealing criminal records and uncovering various identities an individual may have used. This can include aliases and name variations, often indicators of attempts to obscure one’s past or engage in fraudulent activities.

A study published by the Pew Research Center found that more than 10 million Americans changed their racial or ethnic identity from one census to the next. A detailed background check can help you identify a person’s true identity. 

Here’s a deeper look into how a simple background check can reveal these critical details:

  • A background check can piece together these name variations by cross-referencing various public records, such as credit reports, court documents, and social media profiles, providing a clearer picture of the individual’s identity history.
  • A thorough background check can help identify cases where an individual has used a false identity. This is often done to escape previous criminal records, avoid debt, or engage in illegal activities without being traced.
  • This information can be crucial for employers, landlords, or anyone needing to confirm a person’s true identity. For example, someone may use an alias to hide a problematic past, such as a criminal record or poor financial history.
  • For instance, if an individual’s Social Security number shows up with different names or if multiple identities are linked to the same address, these red flags can suggest identity fraud.
Background Checks

4. Social Connections

Background checks are powerful tools that provide more than just a surface-level view of an individual. By delving into social connections and affiliations, these checks offer a deeper understanding of a person’s network, influences, and potential hidden relationships. This comprehensive insight helps ensure informed, strategic, and safe choices for employment, personal safety, or business decisions. 

Here’s a deeper look into how a simple background check can reveal information about a Person’s Social Life:

  • Background checks often include a review of a person’s professional and social affiliations. This can reveal memberships in various organizations, clubs, or societies that the individual may not have publicly disclosed.
  • Knowing about someone’s affiliations can help understand their interests, values, and commitments. For instance, membership in environmental organizations might indicate a person’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Affiliations with industry-specific organizations can indicate a person’s level of involvement and recognition in their professional field.
  • Employers can use this information to gauge a candidate’s professional network and reputation, which can be critical for roles requiring extensive industry connections.
Background Checks

5. Digital Footprint 

In today’s digital age, a person’s online presence can reveal as much, if not more, about their character and history as traditional records. When conducting a thorough background check, it’s essential to delve into an individual’s digital footprint. According to a Statista report published in 2022, the United States had the third-largest social media audience worldwide, after China and India. Investigating someone‘s digital footprint can provide a comprehensive view of their behavior, interests, and associations that might not be evident through other means. 

Here is what a Digital Footprint can reveal about a person

  • Deleted social media activity can reveal a different side of the individual, potentially exposing behaviors or opinions they no longer wish to be associated with. This can be particularly useful for employers or individuals looking to understand someone’s true character beyond their curated online presence.
  • Knowing if someone has a dark web presence can prevent potential risks. For example, an employer might avoid hiring someone involved in illegal activities, protecting their business and employees.
  • Background checks promote greater trust and transparency by uncovering hidden aspects of someone’s digital footprint. Employers, landlords, and individuals can make more informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of a person’s history.

6. Property and Asset Ownership

A background check can reveal a wealth of information about an individual’s property and asset ownership. This insight is invaluable for various purposes, from financial decisions to legal disputes. 

According to a report, nearly a quarter (23 percent) of Americans in relationships are keeping a money-related secret from their significant other. Whether embarking on a life journey or entering into a business partnership, a background check can prevent future troubles.

Here are some benefits of doing this

  • Detailed information about someone’s property and asset ownership helps make informed financial decisions.
  • For creditors or financial institutions, background checks can aid in asset recovery. Creditors can better pursue claims and recover owed amounts by identifying hidden properties or vehicles.
  • In legal disputes, especially those involving financial settlements or divorce, having a detailed understanding of all assets owned by the other party can significantly strengthen your case.
  • Background checks can reveal inconsistencies or suspicious patterns in asset ownership that may indicate fraud. This is particularly important in cases of insurance claims, inheritance disputes, or business partnerships.
  • On a personal level, knowing the full extent of someone’s assets can protect your interests. This is particularly relevant when entering into personal relationships or agreements where financial matters are intertwined.
Background Checks

7. Travel History

Background checks are not only limited to criminal records but can also provide a detailed picture of an individual’s travel history. Understanding someone’s travel patterns can be incredibly insightful and beneficial for various reasons. According to recent stats, Travel spending in the US stood at $1.2 trillion in 2022, matching pre-pandemic levels. 

Whether for employment, legal purposes, or personal safety, understanding an individual’s travel history offers a comprehensive view of their movements and activities, ultimately helping to protect interests and make smarter choices.

Here are some of the benefits, 

  • Understanding travel patterns helps identify and mitigate potential risks. This is particularly important for roles involving high security, financial management, or access to sensitive information.
  • Verifying the accuracy of claimed travel histories and ensuring compliance with immigration and residency laws protects against fraud and legal complications.
  • For security-sensitive positions, detailed travel information helps conduct thorough risk assessments and ensure that individuals do not pose a security threat.
  • Gaining insights into an individual’s travel habits can benefit both personal and professional contexts, providing a deeper understanding of their lifestyle, priorities, and potential undisclosed activities.
Background Checks

 8. Professional Licensing:

Conducting a background check that includes professional licensing information is essential for ensuring the qualifications and reliability of professionals. According to recent statistics32% of Americans admit to lying on their resumes. By verifying licenses and checking for disciplinary actions, individuals and organizations can make informed decisions, protect their reputations, and ensure the safety and well-being of those they serve. 

Here are some benefits of Conducting Professional Licensing Background Checks,

  • Verifying licenses ensures that professionals are competent and have the necessary qualifications for their roles. 
  • Background checks can reveal any disciplinary actions taken against the professional by relevant licensing boards. This information is crucial for understanding any past misconduct or breaches of professional ethics.
  • It verifies the license’s current status, ensuring it is active and has not expired. This is crucial for roles requiring up-to-date credentials, such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
  • It is critical to ensure that professionals comply with industry standards and regulations. A valid license indicates that the professional has met the necessary educational and practical requirements.
Background Checks

Things to Keep in Mind Before Conducting a Background Check:

People tend to believe what they see, and background information reveals a lot about a person’s history and behavioral patterns. 

  • Mistakes in background checks happen more often than you’d think. Incorrect data entry, outdated records, or mixing up individuals with similar names can lead to erroneous reports affecting employment or rental opportunities.
  • In the U.S., background checks can vary significantly from state to state. Some states have more comprehensive databases and more stringent reporting, while others may have less detailed records, leading to gaps in information.
  • Even if a record has been expunged or sealed, it might still appear on some background checks. This is because not all background check companies update their databases regularly, and some might pull data from sources that haven’t been updated.

List of Top Websites for Conducting a Comprehensive Background Checks:

Conducting comprehensive background investigations is critical for private investigators, providing valuable insights into an individual’s history and behavior. Utilizing reliable online resources ensures that the information gathered is accurate and thorough, enabling clients to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and maintain safety and security.

Here is a list of websites that can provide you with comprehensive background details:

BeenVerifiedPaidComprehensive background checks, user-friendly interfaceRequires a subscription, can be expensive over time
InteliusPaidDetailed reports, broad range of public recordsSome information may require additional fees, can be pricey
TruthFinderPaidExtensive background information, includes social media activitySubscription-based, potential for outdated information
Instant CheckmatePaidSpecializes in criminal records, easy-to-use platformSubscription required, recurring charges
PeopleFindersPaidWide access to public records, easy navigationCan be costly for full access, limited free information
PiplPaidDeep web search capabilities, includes social media and hidden profilesPaid service, complex pricing structure
Public Records Online DirectoryFreeFree access to a variety of public records, no subscription requiredLimited to public records only, may require additional search effort
National Sex Offender Public WebsiteFreeFree information on registered sex offenders, crucial for safetyLimited scope to sex offender records, not a full background check


PaidOffers detailed background checks.Requires payment; Limited scope compared to competitors.

Final Words:

Background checks are an essential tool for uncovering hidden truths and ensuring informed decision-making in both personal and professional contexts. Through comprehensive investigations, we can reveal a wealth of information that might otherwise remain hidden, from past criminal records to social media activity and beyond.

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