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Are You In Love With A Narcissist? Check Out For These Signs

in love with a narcissist

Most of the time, people get married to a narcissist without knowing. The signs were hidden from us all that long until after exchanging vows. It’s not that there were no red flags before marriage. We just tend to assume them altogether since we feel they are “the one.”  These red flags become more pronounced in marriage as there is more interdependence and demands. 

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Being in love with a narcissist can have severe effects on your mental health. With characters like too much sense of self, no empathy, and charm, your marriage can be more toxic and overwhelming. However, you can always avoid such a marriage early enough. Here are the signs to look out for.

Signs You Are In Love With A Narcissist

You Feel The Isolation

In love with a narcissist

Narcissists slowly and methodically isolate their partners from their friends. While drifting and getting isolated from your friends may happen after such a milestone in life, it should not always be triggered by terms and rules set by your partner. For instance, a narcissist may insist on not liking your friends and bad mouths them. Badmouthing is one common characteristic of narcissists, according to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. If your partner makes you question why you are even friends with someone, it’s time to take a step back and reassess your relationship before moving into marriage.


If they make you question your personality, then you should be cautious. Narcissists often use phrases to confuse you and cause doubt in yourself. “I don’t understand why you are always angry,” “you’re being paranoid,” “you can’t take any joke.” All these phrases are gaslighting.  Many people in marriages with narcissists have to face gaslighting, and it’s always painful for them.


Another sign you are dating a narcissist is their manipulative behavior.  When your partner is good at manipulation, you will often fall into their trap without even being aware. When you later join the dots, you will see the manipulation that was going on. You will see they were just after getting their needs met. Narcissists are always after attention, status, and validation. And they are always willing to manipulate you, without empathy to get them.

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Self Centered

In love with a narcissist

Does everything about your partner revolve around them? Do they only listen to themselves? If you notice your partner hijacking a conversation and redirecting it back to them, then you have a reason to worry. Narcissists are always looking for attention, and they will do everything to get it. Having such a partner means you will not only lack attention, but you will make no decision, opinion, or choice. Their word is final, and any opposing view will be met with resentment. Being in such a situation is so exhausting that you should not allow it in your marriage.

At First, you will feel the charm.

in love with a narcissist

The first day in your relationship is filled with the highest highs and everything you ever wished for in a happy relationship. You will even wonder how you were so lucky to have such a partner, very special and loving. However, be warned. Narcissists are always good at doing anything to get what they want. After they get it, you will now feel the real them. With narcissists just being short-term romantic partners, you will find it hard to maintain your relationship in the happy state it started from. 

No boundaries

Boundaries exist in relationships and must always be respected. But if your partner deliberately disrespects the set boundaries, and oversteps on them, breaking any promises, then they may just be displaying one of their narcissistic characteristics. Little behaviors like borrowing money and never returning them show a sign of little or no remorse at all. Such people can also blame you after they overstep the boundaries. 

Emotionally cold

Both parties in a relationship must be understood and be able to express their feeling freely. Similarly, your partner has to show empathy towards how you feel. But with narcissists always demanding to be the center of attention, they tend to be emotionally cold and never showing any remorse or empathy towards their partner.

Being with such a person means you will rarely be comforted, even in the most difficult days of your life.  Even when having arguments and you are expressing your emotions, they just check out and never respond. With this happening, they will not make decisions for your relationship but themselves. They can’t take care of your feelings since they are so focused on their own.

They Are Never Responsible

in love with a narcissist

Does your partner only take responsibility when something has gone right? That’s what they are always after; credit and praise. 

But when things go south, you are the one who is blamed and pointed at. If they are not blaming you, they look for excuses to distant themselves. Narcissists always believe they are perfect and anything wrong can’t happen when they are involved.

Ending A Relationship With A Narcissist

If any of the above signs are noticeable in your partner, you may decide to end your relationship. 

A narcissistic partner will always act differently when you want to call it quits. It all depends on how and why they were in a relationship with you in the first place. If they ended their previous relationships poorly, they would most probably act the same way when ending your relationship. Here is what narcissists do when ending a relationship with them.

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