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9 Ways To Find True Love

find true love

There’s probably no discussion that has captivated man throughout the years other than the topic of love. Races, cultures, and people of different ages have failed to really understand what love is and how it can actually be defined. Although man has achieved many things on earth, including going to the moon and back, love has remained a mystery. Even science and the most influential people have failed to explain it. 

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While at some point you will feel like you have finally found love, things get crushing, leaving you heartbroken, and the person you once loved and shared a lot in common doesn’t even hesitate to put a sword on your throat. But what love makes us feel always pushes us to be looking for it every day in our lives. Does it exist? Can we find true love? 

One of the major problems we have faced about love is how fast it can slip through our fingers when we take things quickly. The faster you try to grasp it, the faster it falls through. It would be nice if love were as simple as baking or doing simple DIYs around our home. But as it is now, even the “love doctors” can’t prescribe themselves medicine. They are also the victims of this mystery. 

Love cannot be forced, traded, controlled, or manufactured. So how do you find it? Here are some possible ways you can try to find true and unconditional love.

Reveal your true self to your partner

find true love
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We use the word love to describe our everyday activities. You have probably used it also. We love football, we love swimming, love traveling, and love having a good time. Using love to describe these things makes it feel a little bit safer and easier until you face real love, where you are exposed to someone else. Football cannot reject you. But when you’re vulnerable, and the other person rejects you, you will feel useless and heartbroken.

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Opening your heart to a stranger only to be rejected and humiliated is among the worst feelings we have faced on this planet. It’s always painful because we are vulnerable. This pain is often worse than the physical pain since it threatens our inner beliefs and values, and can shatter our dreams and life. 

While love can take you to the mountaintop, it can send you crumbling down when things don’t work out. But still, you need to reveal your true self to your partner if you want to find true love.

Learn to love yourself

find true love

How do you love when you don’t know how to love yourself? To find true love, you have to be an emotionally healthy person with intrinsic self-worth. Accept who you are, and people will be attracted to you. Start by becoming the best person you can be, finding a purpose for your life, and pursuing it. Find a job you love doing. Once you build all these for yourself, like-minded people will naturally be attracted to you and will wish to revolve around your life and share their own life with you too.

Get rid of all the negative emotions

Love is about being thoughtful, positive, and considerate. When you have a negative mind, you will destroy and poison every good thing that comes your way. But when you focus on positivity, and what love can bring to you, you will bring like-minded people closer to you who also want to experience the positive side of love. 

Find the right person

find true love

Do you know what kind of person will genuinely compliment your life? Do you have an idea of the person you would wish to spend the rest of your life with? The “love doctors” have already suggested that knowing your partner for at least one to two years can help you gauge whether it’s true love or just an obsession or lust. Focus on finding someone whose positive qualities are beyond the negative qualities they have. Don’t focus on finding the perfect person because they don’t exist. Focus on finding someone you share values and beliefs with.

Put yourself in the “market.”

You can’t be found if you are not out there, even if you’re the one looking. Like any other good thing, you will need to put more effort when searching. Increase your circle and meet new people that can be potential partners. Your chances of finding true love increases when you meet new people and have a big circle to socialize and interact with.

Start praying for the right person

find true love

We all found love on earth. Although it cannot be manufactured, it was undoubtedly created by a superior being, God. God is the source of love and the greatest writer of love stories. If you allow Him to guide you in your love story, then you can avoid having the wrong relationships. Praying for wisdom and guidance in this area can be a great deal to finding true love.

Don’t set standards based on soap operas and movies

Soap operas and romantic movies are scripted for entertainment. Going down to the real love in life, most people are struggling. Stop setting standards based on fiction. Be you don’t force yourself to be someone you don’t want to become. The standards from romantic movies are too good to be true. Face love and show it your own artistry without being compromised. 

Ignore the physical appearance

Pure and true love is unconditional. That is, you love someone for who they are and what they are, without having any reasons. Don’t go out looking for true love based on the beauty of a person. Treat the appearance just as a bonus. Instead of majoring in appearance, focus on looking for a person you can be comfortable with. Base your search on character, values, and personality.

Test it with time

Time tells it all. Nothing will test love better than time. After the attraction period is over (usually a year), a relationship that survives conflicts and differences can prove to be true love. Many fake love relationships fall when they reach his stage. But when you have stood the test of time, you may be bound to be true love partners. 


Whether you believe in love or not, you have probably seen people searching for it. Finding true love does not have a formula. No one can tell you the exact way on how to go about it. But some things can help you make the right decision when following your feelings towards finding true love.

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