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7 Ways to Spice up Your Marriage

spice up your marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Yet, you will find those that disagree. The truth is, it does not come automatically. It takes effort to build a happy and healthy relationship with your life partner. Also, as you get comfortable and caught up with your busy schedules, your marriage risks becoming stale. You need to be deliberate about keeping the love and passion alive. Looking to spice up your marriage? Here are some ideas.

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Don’t Forget the Small Cute Things 

spice up your marriage
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Remember the tiny adorable things that you used to do as a young couple? Do not let them die off. This is one of the most crucial things if you want to keep your marriage alive. This can be cute stuff that you do together, such as cuddling, stargazing, or secretly smoothing in public areas. 

You can also make small random kind gestures for each other. Whether it’s doing the dishes, making their favorite meal, preparing a bath for them after having a long day, it will speak volumes for your partner. This will have an even more significant impact when you get to learn about what they love. Doing this without them asking will mean a lot to them. You will make them feel loved and cared for.

Dates Will Spice up Your Marriage

spice up your marriage

Dates are not just for couples who are courting. That’s right. Now that you are married, it may seem challenging to keep this going. With a lot on your plate, including children and other financial responsibilities, dates might feel unnecessary, let alone having the time for them. 

Once in a while, however, it is essential that you create time and ways to go out on dates. Get a babysitter, look for cheap date options, among other solutions, so as to secure some fun quality time with your significant other. This can range from casual coffee dates, steamy dinner dates, or any other thing you will love doing together.

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Dates are an opportunity to confide in each other, talk issues out, or just get goofy with each other. Either way, they will make your marriage life fun and prevent you from falling into a routine. 

Dinner Dates at Home

Also, you do not have to go out for you to enjoy a romantic date with your life partner. Occasionally, try switching it up with a date night at home. Having a date at the comfort of your home is not only convenient but is also more intimate. All you need is to create a romantic atmosphere with some dim lights, candles, dressing up, background music, and an exotic home-cooked meal.

Relax With Your Partner

Smiling couple relaxing in bed

Spending time with your loved one does not always have to take place in a dating context. Sometimes, not doing much and getting some relaxation will be a great way to bond with your partner.

Having to juggle between work, home, bills, and kids, among others, can get crazy for both of you. Getting a chance to sit and unwind is precisely what you need. Even better, when you get to do it with the one, you love. Grab some popcorn and watch your favorite TV show, take a lazy stroll, or cuddle on the couch as you take a nap. You can take things up a notch with a bubble bath or a trip to the spa.

Maintain Sexual Intimacy

It goes without saying that sexual intimacy in marriage is vital. As such, it is necessary that you keep your sex life alive. This is a great way to remain connected to your partner as well as re-ignite the spark in your relationship.

The sad truth is, the excitement and spontaneity in your sex life are likely to fade with time. Busy schedules can also come in the way of keeping sex constant in your marriage. Nonetheless, you can make sex a priority by slotting it into your busy schedules.

Note that intimacy in marriage does not start end with sex. Other forms of physical touch, such as holding hands, will also add up to the spice in your marriage. Long hugs and random kisses will also contribute to intimacy. Do not forget eye contact too!

Be Spontaneous and Try Out New Things

An excellent way to avoid a slow routined marriage is by trying out new things with your partner. Do not limit yourselves to your comfort zone. Instead, look for new experiences and do them together. This will spice up your marriage through excitement. Tackling new things together will also create a sense of teamwork.

If you are used to indoor dates, you can decide to get your adrenaline pumping with outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving, or camping, etc. You can also try making new friends or working out together, or going on a random getaway. Learning a new skill is also a great way to bond and brighten your relationship. Therefore, sign up for classes together, from cooking, dancing, or even crafts.

This spirit of adventure should also be applied when it comes to your sex life. Do not shy away from being spontaneous or giving new things a try. From random flirty messages, flirty outfits, and new ways of doing it, it is a defined way to perk up your marriage.

Do not Ignore Self Care

While it should not be the basis of your love, it helps if you are physically attracted to each other. And, in as much as your significant other should love and appreciate you for who you are and how you look, it would be nice if you made an effort to look good for them. 

Do not take it for granted and let yourself go now that you are married. Instead, take care of yourself and look your best. This can be anything from skincare, dressing up, working out, grooming, and even eating healthy.


Getting married to the love of your life is a great feeling. However, if not careful, you may find your marriage running on autopilot. You do not want to spend the rest of your life in a boring marriage. Hence, you should make an effort to spice up your marriage with the above simple steps.

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