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7 Ways to Build a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationship

The spark involved with a new relationship can be exciting. As you continue to grow closer with your partner, what steps are you taking with your partner to ensure that your relationship becomes a healthy space for both of you?  Are you feeling happy, content, supported, and less stressed? If not, consider these seven ways that will help you build a more comfortable and healthier relationship.

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Effective Communication

healthy relationship

Effective communication is a critical factor in a relationship. Without communication skills, your relationship can easily stumble. If you have something on your mind, you need to say it. Whether you are making an observation or voicing an opinion, it will give your partner a better understanding of your needs. They cannot be able to read your mind. It would therefore be unfair and frustrating if you leave them to figure it out on their own

You should not keep anything that is bothering you to yourself. You should always let your partner know if something is disturbing your mind. Do not downplay how you feel either. An honest and clear expression of your feelings is essential. It will not leave any room for assumptions and misunderstandings.

Listen to Your Partner

Your significant other also needs to be heard. Part of having good communication skills is being able to listen to the other person. Hence, while you learn to communicate effectively, you also need to give them the chance to express themselves. This means developing a balance of when to talk and when to listen.

A bad habit that can be detrimental to your relationship is when you constantly interrupt your partner as they express themselves. If you have something to chip in, it’s good first to let them fully speak out their thoughts and feelings. Another good listening skill is reflecting on what your partner is saying as you give your response. This will make them feel heard and valued. You will also be able to understand your partner better.

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Build a Foundation of Respect

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Above all else, your relationship should be rooted in respect. This means mutual respect where both of you accord each other with thoughtfulness and admiration. It is also something that should remain constant at all times, even when you are in disagreement.

The best way to show respect to one another is by being mindful of how you speak to and treat each other. You should not use abusive language or any other demeaning actions. Another way to show high regard to your significant other is by treating them with the seriousness they deserve. This means valuing their options, thoughts, and feelings. You also need to put them into consideration when it comes to making decisions, especially ones that affect them. Reciprocated respect is the best foundation for a healthy relationship.

Acts of Appreciation

The small things matter in a relationship. More often than not, these are the small things that are likely to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. This can be as simple as thanking them when they do something for you, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. You also want to learn about the small things that make your significant other happy. This will be a good way to appreciate them every once in a while.

You do not have to wait for special occasions to express your affection and appreciation for your partner. This is something that should always occur. Otherwise, you might find yourselves stuck in a routine and take each other for granted. It’s the small acts of appreciation that can build your relationship.

Make Time for Each Other

Your relationship is as good as the quality time you make for each other. Life can get busy and hectic, no doubt. It is, however, paramount that you create some time from your crammed schedules to spend with each other. However, this does not mean doing it just for the sake of it. It will not help if you are both not present in the time that you are giving each other.

You should look for activities that you can both participate in. Whether it’s a coffee date or other fun activities that the both of you like, this will give you a chance to bond, catch up and address any issues. Do not forget to include new and exciting things on the list. Quality time is no compromise if you want to build a strong relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Do not expect a smooth ride. The relationship road is full of bumps. This you’ll come to realize as your differences come to light and disagreements start to crop up. It could be that you do not agree on an opinion on how to go about a particular thing such as finances. Personal stress can also cause some friction between the two of you.

 Whatever reason is behind it, conflict in a relationship is not alarming. The problem comes with the way these problems are addressed. Come up with an effective and objective way of dealing with these issues when they arise. Do not leave conflicts unresolved.  

 Respect Each Other’s Privacy

As you make a point of spending time with your partner, it is also best that you give each other some personal space. You do not have to spend each waking moment together. Quality time spent by yourself is also important. This will give both of you room to take care of your personal businesses. Also, note that your partner cannot satisfy every role in your life. You should therefore surround yourself with other people such as friends and family.

 Additionally, you need to respect each other’s privacy. You do not have to insist on gaining access to your partner’s phone, email, or social media accounts. This will be detrimental to the trust you have for each other.


What is the current state of your relationship?  Do you think there’s room for improvement? If you are looking to build a better and healthier relationship with your significant other, above are tips you can follow.

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