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7 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

time to breakup

Is it really time to break up? Breakup is one of the hardest things for anyone to take the initiative. Even when the signs are clear to you, you still hang on and ignore them for some reason. Even when you know the road leads to nowhere, breaking up is easier said than done. Your close friends and family may even be asking why it’s hard for you to end things up. But it could be the same case if it were them.

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However, there comes a time when a breakup is necessary for you to move on and have a better life. If you feel as if you are stuck and cannot make the decision, whether to stay or leave, here are some signs it’s time to break up.

 What Shows It’s Time To Break up?

There’s no more trust. 

time to breakup

If you ask anyone about some of the most important foundations of a relationship, they will not miss mentioning trust. When you lose trust with your partner, your relationship will face many issues and insecurities. You will find yourselves questioning each other’s abilities and actions. 

Loss of trust can result in anger, jealousy, and insecurities in your relationship. Negative feelings poison relationships, blocking them from advancement and thriving. If it’s hard to rebuild the lost trust, and if both of you know it will not be possible to build it, better end things and part ways.

You discover your values are not matching.

Most couples know their partner’s real personality after falling in love with them and are in a relationship. Research shows you are likely to see your partner’s real personality after three months in a relationship. This is because most people hide their real character during the first month, or their partners try to ignore the red flags during the early stages. When the period elapses along with intimacy, people start showing their real colors. You realize your values do not match. 

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Whatever your values are, it doesn’t matter until they begin to rub against each other. This may be an early warning that they are not the right person for you.

While every relationship has the time to compromise, negotiate, and assimilate your partner’s values, sometimes it just doesn’t work. If this is the case, you may face many bumps trying to fulfill their personal needs. If you think this could be the case in the future, it’s better to prevent it at this early stage.

There’s no more fun in the relationship.

time to breakup

Relationships are meant to be fun and enjoyed by each party. If you find it hard to reawaken the happy and fun moments with your partner, maybe you should call it quits. Maybe the happy moments you shared were not love. It was lust.  Love survives every condition and overcomes the tough times while still feeling the same excitement about your partner. But when you lose it at some point, they may ]not be the one. 

Probably you don’t want to spend your whole life in a dull marriage with no sparks of happiness. There should always be a balance of fun and emotional moments without disconnecting from each other. If you get short of fun in your relationship, maybe your partner doesn’t appreciate your fun or can’t connect with it.

You think about life with another person.

time to breakup

We are not saying that it’s wrong to fantasize. But why have future visions and dreams with another person who is not your partner all the time? When this becomes the trend, the energy you channel towards working on your relationship reduces and affecting it significantly. If you daydream about the future life with a different person, you better find out why. Maybe it’s a wake up call for you that it’s time to break up and move on where you will be happier. 

You cannot see a future with them.

What are relationships for? Why do people date? The most sound answer to this is to give each one time and see the future together before getting into a long-term commitment in marriage. But if you can’t see a future in your relationship, where are you heading? And why are you choosing to remain in the relationship? It is simple; if you cannot imagine a future with your partner, you are heading to an unknown road. Better end things before you regret them.

We are not talking about the short-time relationships and “no strings attached” kind of relationships. If you are in a long-term committed relationship with anyone, the idea of the future becomes very clear to you.

Your partner suddenly changes to be a stranger

It happens. The person you thought was the one suddenly changes to a stranger. They don’t even want to see you nor talk to you. Why hold on to someone who doesn’t love you anymore? If you believe in love, then just let them leave. If they come back to you, then that’s the person for you. Otherwise, you are fighting a war you cannot win. In fact, you may be thinking that you are fighting for your love. But they are thinking differently when they become strangers to you. They think you are just wasting your time and embarrassing them. 

Sure, you may have memories and feelings towards them. But you have to live in reality. They don’t want to associate with you. Respect their decision and let them go. 

Maybe it took them so long to make this decision. Unfortunately, they did not involve you. That’s why you may be resisting reality.

On the other hand, what if you win them back? Do you want to spend your whole life with someone who doesn’t appreciate you? Do you know why they never wanted to associate with you? Are you sure this will never repeat itself? Save yourself some trouble by moving on and finding someone for yourself.

Your partner is abusive.

time to breakup

No one deserves to stay with an abusive partner. It can derail you and affect your mental health, physical health, and productivity. Emotional or physical abuse is never okay. You deserve better. A partner who appreciates and encourages you without thinking that everything is wrong with you. Do you want to stay with a partner who calls you names and makes you feel scared all the time? Never a good idea. It’s time to break up and move on to a better life.

While you have enough time to sort issues in your relationship and make it work again, sometimes it’s best to end the relationship and move on with your life. Knowing when it’s time to break up will help you overcome the pain and trouble in holding to something that you have already lost.

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