7 Habits That Cheaters Have

Everyone has habits that stand out and either annoy us or we find it attractive. There are particular habits that cheaters have that stand out. If you don’t want to be dating a cheater you can look for these nasty habits before you fall in love with the wrong person or know the dirty secrets of someone you are already dating. Let’s have a read;

1.Justify Cheating

If in any conversation your friend, date or long term partner justifies themselves cheating in the past or a friend of theirs cheating then this means they could justify themselves cheating on you in the future. A cheater is always responsible for their actions, regardless of what made them cheat they are responsible for there actions, responsible for the hurt that was created and responsible for the aftermath. Yes, there are “excuses” that maybe could have avoided cheating but the bottom line is that it is not acceptable or justifiable. They should always speak up in the relationship before infidelity occurs and discuss with their partner what is wrong and what they as a couple need to work on.

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2.Scared To Be Alone

The fear of being alone is one of the common habits that cheaters have, they express this habit by always having people around them. They might even seem pushy or controlling when asking friends to hangout. They want to control and manipulate people into always being with them. This type of person might even ask their friends for help with things they don’t really need help with. The deeper cause for this is called “abandonment issues” and they think that if they have multiple intimate relationships they will never actually be abandoned by anyone, the downside to this is that they are more likely to be left due to all the lying and manipulating.

3.Keep Their Personal Lives Private

Think about a friend of yours or someone you dated where you literally have never met their parents or close family. Now, remember why? Its because their parents and family know all the dirty secrets, lies and bad stories about this person. Keeping their personal life private is one of the habits that cheaters have, they do this so that you won’t find out about the countless boyfriends or girlfriends they have had, the lies they have told their own parents or the warnings to you from their family telling you to be careful.

4.Hide Their Phone or Wont Use It Around You

Hiding their phone is one of the habits that cheaters have, if they are hanging out with you they will keep their phone in the car or in their pocket on silent. That way you won’t notice all the texts or phone calls from their other intimate partners. If you ask to use their phone or why they never have it with them they might use the excuse that they are trying to stay away from tech so they can be more present with you. This might be true but if any of the other signs of a cheater appear it’s more likely they are lying.

5.Rarely Call You By Name In Public or Private

Early in the relationship, they will find a cute nickname for you, it will be a general nickname but it will also make you feel connected and noticed. It could be as simple as baby, or sweetheart. While this seems endearing it’s actually designed to not call you by the names of other lovers while they are with you in the heat of an intimate moment or when you are out in public. When they are being passionate with you their mind looses track of names and specifics and becomes more general. Its a lot easier to just call all their partners the same nickname and saves them the risk of calling you someone else name.

6.Risk Takers

People who take big risks and that enjoy adrenaline thrills are more like to be cheaters than other people who don’t take risks. If your partner or someone you are dating is a gambler, high-end athlete or a speed junkie this doesn’t make then an immediate cheater, but it does add to their capability of cheating. Infidelity comes with the risk of getting caught, and whether a cheater knows it or not sometimes they are addicted to the thrill of it. Cheating has multiple avenues of risk, to them the game of not getting caught is two parts. How they avoid being caught is one thrill, the risk of what it would mean if they were caught is another.

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7.They Text Alot

Do you seem them texting a lot but they seem to still call you? Texting is an easy way to have a conversation with someone they wouldn’t want you to know who it is or what they are texting about. Texting is easily discrete and texts can also be deleted. Text messages are often hidden by a cheater by having a different name as the recipient. The name could be Joe instead of Joanne or Joanne instead of Joe. If you really need to know who the recipient of text messages are, try using a phone number lookup.

-If you’re in a relationship with someone or in the early stages of dating and you notice any of these habits don’t run away to fast. First make sure you have “the talk”, be straight up and ask if they are cheating and why you are concerned they are. It’s always best to communicate openly, they might be able to help you ease your worries. If they are overly reactive to the question or change the subject quickly then you will need some extra help figuring it out by talking with a close friend or relationship counsellor.

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