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10 Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

We live in a time where couples are spending more time together at home and getting to experience the good and bad sides of each other. With everything happening together, you may even wonder whether you are in the right relationship. The faults and flaws exposed can be great that you start questioning the future of your relationship. If you find yourself in this position, one thing that can keep you going is assuring yourself you are in a healthy relationship. Although there have been faults exposed, these signs can indicate you are in a healthy relationship.

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You feel comfortable around each other.

healthy relationship

Most often, people tend to display a perfect version of themselves, just able to hide most of the flaws. However, in most cases, most flaws and faults start showing up after three months. It’s during this time when you may lose your feelings and connection towards your partner. But if you can sail through this stage while still feeling comfortable around each other, it may be a good sign of being in a healthy relationship.

You show up for each other.

If you can count on each other for every situation, whether big or small, it can be a good indicator. You find it easy to stick to commitments and get things done when you agree to do them. By sticking to your plan, it means you have peace of mind, which often defines a healthy relationship. When you show up for each other, trust and connection builds, making you feel the intimacy in your relationship.

You celebrate each other’s success.

healthy relationship

Any couples in a healthy relationship understand they are in the same team.  One partner’s success is a win for the other partner. If both of you celebrate one’s success and feel proud of the milestone, then you are in a healthy relationship. Otherwise, when insecurities arise out of one’s success and that you feel unhappy for the progress, you should question your relationship’s value.

You sincerely seek an apology.

healthy relationship

Just saying sorry is not enough to apologize for doing something wrong to your partner. You can genuinely take responsibility for your wrongdoing without giving excuses and blames. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, we say words we shouldn’t have spoken to our loved ones. But willing to say sorry in a genuine way makes all the difference in any relationship. It heals your partner and makes them smile again. If you find someone who genuinely apologizes for their mistakes, keep that gem.

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You listen to each other.

healthy relationship
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Does your partner interrupt you when talking to them? Do they continue using their phone or keep watching soap operas instead of being attentive? If they do this, they may not be valuing you as you may think. A listening partner can do the little things such as paying attention to listen to what you have to tell them without getting involved with other activities. If your partner remembers all the little stuff you told them in the past, they may be a good listener who can listen to you and feel the way you feel. If you have such a partner, the tense conversations or arguments won’t feel tense. You will always listen to each other with respect.

You share similar life values and goals.

Healthy relationships have one thing in common; partners share primary life goals and values. By having a common ground in approaching life, you will be on the same page as you grow together. You will not have issues and resistance on your views about family, finances, and investments. For instance, if you hope to have a family with three children, yet your partner’s view is having no children at all, you will have issues moving forward. But if you share similar values with your partner, your relationship could move forward healthily with very few problems.

You try new things together.

Being in an adventurous relationship makes it fun and enjoyable. It keeps the energy and love of a relationship at high levels where intimacy can be maintained between partners. Partners in healthy relationships love to explore new things together by visiting new places,  taking up a hobby together, or going out for dinner once in a while. If you do the adventure together, you will stay together for a long time. The experiences help maintain the passion alive in the relationship. If you are doing this with your partner, then it’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

You don’t forget to spice things up in the bedroom.

Adventures are not just about visiting new places and hotels. You can also be creative and spice your sex life with your partner in the bedroom. Now, this does not mean that you have to try every wild idea with your partner. If you are not comfortable, just tell them. However, you should always have an open mind when thinking of ideas that can satisfy them. Don’t just play lazy when making love. Poor sex life is one of the primary reasons why people cheat in relationships and marriages.

You have your personal space.

Being in love does not mean you have to spend all your day together. Before meeting your partner, you had a life. You had friends. Do not throw this away because you are in a relationship. If your partner allows you to have your personal time to have the girl/boys time with your friends, then it’s a good sign of being in a healthy relationship.

You should always have time to pursue your own interests to grow as a person, even when growing as partners.

You fight

Yes, you read that right. All relationships face disagreement moments, even happy relationships. So if you do not have any disagreements with your partner, then chances are that one of you is holding back. However, all your fights and disagreements should be fair. Fair fight means avoiding cursing, insults, and name-calling that can put down your partner. If you are wrong, you apologize genuinely. If you know you can always recover from any fights, that means you are fighting fairly and productively. It’s another sign of a healthy relationship.

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